Smart Cities Master at University of Girona

Master's Programme in Smart Cities

One of the most experienced Smart Cities Master in Europe


Middle size cities need of independent consultancy for adopting the best worldwide practices in Smart Cities. For fulfill their needs, we use our smart city students that from the very moment they enroll in our master they solve real city problems to end up in consultancy firms, companies, the best organizations in the world as well as other important research centers. We are so proud of the terrifying job they are doing for solving these real needs of the cities. This is the only thing, join us if you want to be part of the next smart cities leaders. We are quite unique in the world in the way we serve the cities with your help. If you want to be the next smart cities leader, join us!


  • Professional consultancy and entrepreneurship.

  • Public administration.

  • Technology and research centers.

  • R&D departments, in small and medium enterprises as well as in large companies.

  • Technology-based departments in engineering firms and companies dedicated to the innovation and implementation of technological solutions.